Celtic DNA Jewelry™ is designed especially for those who want to celebrate the essence of having Celtic genes. If you’d like a piece to show your meaningful connection to your Irish, Scottish and Gaelic roots, these Celtic necklaces and Celtic earrings will affirm your family lineage.

There are several design options from the plain Celtic DNA pieces and also choices of Claddagh ring inspired jewelry, Trinity Knot jewelry and the Tree of Life jewelry collection. Each one of these ancient symbols fuse with the ethos of the Celtic DNA strand design to act as an amulet and a reminder of your ancestry. Wear the ultimate expression of your Celtic heritage.

The Ogham jewelry collection is inspired by Ireland’s oldest form of writing, often carved into standing stones. The ancient inscriptions were very important in Celtic life and we held in high regard, hence they were cut deep into large pieces of granite and set in place as way markers along roadways as well as having other uses. These relics have inspired this collection of Ogham necklaces with meaningful engravings such as Faith, Family, Wisdom and pendants.

Celtic Crosses and High Crosses can be seen throughout the Irish landscape. Ranging from small simply cut monuments to large towering monoliths carved in great detail, they are always impressive and an iconic shape. These pieces of Irish history show how important Catholic beliefs were to the people who visited the stones. Often cut from Irish limestone or granite, they depicted scenes from the Bible. View the Celtic Cross Jewelry collection to learn more about your options in sterling silver as well as 14K Yellow gold.

Don’t miss out on the Mo Anam Cara jewelry collection, it’s old Irish for ‘My Soulmate‘, lovingly wrought in silver and gold options.

Most designs are two tone and made in sterling silver and 14K yellow gold. Each piece is hallmarked in Dublin Castle to ensure quality and purity. Worldwide shipping available. Don’t forget about the free shipping as well as FedEx option (if you need fast delivery) at checkout.

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