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The Meaning & History of the Claddagh – Everything you need to know about Claddagh

The Meaning & History of the Claddagh

Claddagh is one of the oldest fishing villages in Ireland, which is located near the Galway city. While the historians were tracing to find the origin of the Claddagh ring, they found the beautiful history about the people of Claddagh and their culture. What is Claddagh? Claddagh came from an Irish word called “Cladach,” which […]

The Claddagh Community of Galway and Its Lasting Traditions

Claddagh Jewelry Ireland

Claddagh today is represented by a ring, and many people know only its symbolic representation for a ring. However, very few know the Claddagh community, which used to reside in Galway, the oldest fishing village in Ireland. The name Claddagh was derived from the word “Cladach,” which means “the shore.” The village was located at […]


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