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Importance of Celtic Jewelry in Irish Wedding

Importance of Celtic Jewelry

All across the world, rings are a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. And in Ireland, that’s no different. Many Celtic jewelry designs represent the same core values: love, strength, family, and friendship — all things that are affirmed through marriage. From the Celtic Trinity Knot to the traditional Shamrock and Claddagh ring, there are […]

Understanding the Meaning of Celtic Jewelry Symbols

Celtic Jewelry Symbols

Ireland has a rich history, and Celtic jewelry reflects that. Celtic jewelry dates back to the arrival of the Celts in Ireland around 500 BC, which is exactly where our story begins. Back then, the Celts would gather people together and recite poems that would regale these epic tales. And as is with many stories, […]

Celtic Ireland – The Story of the Irish Shamrock

Irish Shamrock

The Shamrock. It’s Ireland’s most famous emblem. While most commonly associated with luck, good fortune, and St. Patrick’s Day, the Shamrock has a very interesting back story that’s worth exploring. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with the history of the Irish Shamrock, which is the national flower of the Emerald Isle. Fortunately, that’s what we’re […]

Ultimate Guide to Celtic Jewelry

Irish Torc in Gold

We can trace the roots of the designs in modern Celtic jewelry back to the earliest stone carvings in Ireland. Newgrange, Loughcrew and other Neolithic sites features our ancestors’ earliest artwork and continue to inspire designers and jewelers today. Their swirls and concentric circles evolved into Celtic knotwork, and their focus on nature continues with […]

Caring For Celtic Jewelry

Cleaning Celtic Jewelry

Protect your investment.    Part of the joy of owning quality, meaningful silver and gold jewelry is knowing that it will be treasured by future generations. Pieces featuring Celtic symbols and a delicate representation of a piece of DNA are profoundly symbolic heirlooms to pass down. But of course, keeping them in perfect condition is […]

Celts of Cornwall, Isle of Man & Breton

Cornwall, UK

Finds roots in other Celtic nations    When we talk about Celtic heritage, many of us think only of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. But those are only three of the six Celtic nations united by related languages and cultures. Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Brittany also had rich and distinctive Celtic civilizations. If your […]


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