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Celtic Cross Earrings

Celtic Cross Earrings

Celtic Cross earrings are a super way to make a statement. They move with you movements and twinkle in the light. These gorgeous pieces take inspiration from the many stone Celtic High Crosses found around Ireland.

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Ireland is well-known for its Celtic crosses, but they are also found in Scotland and Wales. Originally, they were used as gathering places to teach and share the new Christian faith. The Celtic crosses that remain feature carved illustrations of Bible stories as well as gorgeous, elaborate spiral and
knotwork decoration like that on Celtic cross earrings today.

Seeing them in person is incredible. The detail is incredible, and it is a very profound feeling to know that others also stood amazed and inspired before these Celtic crosses centuries ago. Some of the most famous are in Ireland. The village of Kells in County Meath is home to five standing
stone Celtic crosses, although all that remains of the fifth is the base. Clonmacnoise, a 6 th century monastic site in County Offaly, has three. More than 60 such crosses are in Ireland.

Kildalton high cross on the Isle of Islay is the only remaining intact Celtic cross in Scotland. Barchan cross was removed from its original location and is now on display in Paisley. It was reconstructed at
least 200 years ago. Wales once had thousands of Celtic high crosses, but most were destroyed during the Reformation. Those that remain are varied. The Maen Achwyfan Cross in Flintshire features a small cross inside a ring atop a standing stone.

Wearing Celtic cross earrings or necklaces is a beautiful way to connect to a rich history that stretches across Ireland, Scotland and Wales.



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