Celtic cross necklaces come in all shapes and sizes in silver and also gold. Inspired by so many great monuments, church details as well as manuscript ornamentation, we enjoy designing this style of jewelry and I hope you enjoy this collection and find one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Celtic necklace?

    The Celts were a people with a taste for fine jewelry and wore and made several types of it. Celtic necklaces are necklaces designed keeping in mind Celtic culture and symbology. They are a testimony to the importance of culture and history to people today. Our necklaces feature contemporary designs with details rooted in Celtic culture – including use of the Ogham script, and symbols like the Shamrock, Tree of Life, Trinity Knot and the Celtic Cross.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    The Celtic necklace is shipped all over Canada and the United States, Australia and Europe, including Ireland. We also deliver to the rest of the world for an $80 charge. You can choose from a variety of options according to cost and time benefitd. Free shipping via USPS and AN Post takes about 14 days. Paid shipping via FedEx ($20 in USA and Canada) takes 2-4 days. You are notified about shipping costs for different locations when you add products to your cart.

  • How Long does the delivery of my celtic cross necklace will take?

    Delivery time depends on availability of your Celtic necklace. However, we usually dispatch your orders within 2 working days after your confirmation. Your necklace is expected to reach you within 21 days of ordering, but it depends immensely on your location. Shipping is done five days a week. Free delivery via USPS takes 12-14 days while paid delivery via FedEx takes 3-4 days. In Australia and New Zealand, delivery can take up to 21 days. You can use expedited delivery options available on our website for faster delivery.

  • Where are your products made?

    Our Celtic earrings and necklaces are made in Ireland. Making and manufacturing take place in the country. Dublin is our centre of production. We are registered with the Assay Office of Ireland. We have been given the Hallmark of Ireland and the Mark of Fineness. Our jewelry is manufactured and hallmarked in Ireland. All our jewelry meets the highest standards of quality – metal and design. It reaches you only after meticulous inspection and examination. It is exquisitely crafted by trained artisans.

  • Christian silver celtic cross necklace share the same main meaning. They remind us of the central, shared belief that Jesus died on the cross and rose again. But crosses come in different styles that represent different cultures and artistic styles as well as focusing on different aspects of the miracle at the root of the faith.

    Gold celtic cross necklace has a distinctive style. Their elaborately detailed decoration has roots in the insular art tradition of Ireland and Britain. Standing stone Celtic crosses often feature carved Bible scenes on the stem and arms. Some of the ancient stone crosses in Ireland have inscriptions in the Ogham script. We don’t know for certain, but it is possible these were used as sites to preach or instruct – perhaps even by St. Patrick.

    The standing stone crosses found around Ireland, Scotland and Wales feature a ring around the center of the cross. This ring and the knotwork that often decorates the cross are said to symbolize eternity and wholeness. Another theory is that the ring replicated the pre-Christian sun symbol, enticing people to the new Christian faith. Variations include the four arms of the cross almost touching to hint at a ring and rounded ends of the cross.

    A Celtic cross necklace is much more than a simple symbol of Christian faith. It also reflects your connection to Celtic cultures ancient and modern. If your roots or just your heart stretches to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany or the Isle of Mann, this is the accessory to celebrate that connection.


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