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Celtic Earrings

Celtic Earrings

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More On Irish Handmade Celtic Earrings

Ireland has long been synonymous with making fine jewelry fusing symbolism and excellent craftsmanship and design. From the ancient Celts creating beads, bracelets, Torcs, the Tara brooch, necklaces and earrings through to today’s fine jewelry designers, the skills passed from generation to generation can still be seen on display throughout the country in store windows.

The Celtic DNA collection was designed so that people could wear a piece to honor their ancestors and to tell the story of their heritage. The structure is based on the scientific genome and incorporates Celtic knotwork in the middle and in many pieces has a sculpted feature in the center. Browse our Celtic earring collections which feature the Claddagh symbol, Trinity knot designs as well as the incredible Tree of Life symbol.

Before ear piercing, and even before clip-on earrings, the Celts had their own style of ear jewelry. Around 1200 BC, their metal working skill and tools became advanced enough to make small, delicate pieces of jewelry. So along with their necklaces, cloak fasteners and hair ornaments, the men of ancient Ireland began to wear earrings.

These early Celtic earrings had two parts: a small, elastic loop that went around the ear and a decorative piece that hung from that loop below the ear. Although this was the Bronze Age, they were most often made of gold. Specifically, they were usually two pieces of gold twisted around each other. Later, silver became popular for Celtic jewelry too.

Styles change, and Irish earrings evolved along with everything else. Different styles of earring became popular in Ireland. But one thing didn’t change much. Earrings, like other forms of jewelry, have always been a way for people to express themselves.

Today’s Celtic earrings are way for people to express their connection with their Celtic roots or their love of the Celtic cultures. Symbols such as the Tree of Life and the Trinity Knot go back centuries. Everyone recognizes the shamrock as a symbol of Ireland at a glance. They make a deep statement about the wearer’s identity and interests, inviting conversation and admiration.

If you have a connection to the Celtic lands, a pair of gorgeous, meaningful earrings is a perfect way to celebrate it. You can wear them every day and for special occasions.

Celtic DNA earrings made in 14K yellow gold and also sterling silver, hand crafted in Dublin, Ireland by Armoura Designs. Each pieces has been stamped with approval from the Assay Office of Ireland which authenticates the purity and quality.

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