These gold Celtic earrings are an heirloom pieces that you will treasure forever. They have been lovingly made in Dublin, Ireland inspired by Irish surroundings and our heritage. Browse the range to find your perfect accessory.

Gold is exquisitely elegant. We all recognize its beauty, but what else do you know about this fascinating metal? Gold comes in different karats and colors, and understanding the differences can help you pick the perfect pair of Celtic gold earrings.

People often ask what are gold karats. These aren’t the same as the carats used to describe the weight of gems. Karat refers to the gold’s purity. Pure gold is 24 karats. It’s gorgeous, but 24k gold doesn’t wear well. It is usually mixed with another metal to make jewelry because it is so soft. 12k gold is 50% gold and 50% of another metal. A pair of 14k gold Celtic earrings, for example, is 58.33% gold.

The secondary metal used not only strengthens the gold, it also gives gold its different colors. Pure gold is yellow gold, and to retain that color in 18k, 14k and 12k gold jewelry, silver and copper are used. Using nickel with copper, tin and platinum creates white gold, while gold alloyed with only copper creates rose gold.

Hordes of ancient gold are found every few years around Ireland, so we know our ancestors had an amazing collection of jewelry. Maybe that’s why a pair of Irish earrings in gold can nurture that sense of connection today. Despite being buried for centuries, the motifs etched into those ancient pieces of jewelry have endured. Their swirls and intricate patterns continue to inspire modern Celtic jewelry designs.

Hallmarked 14K  gold Celtic jewelry with Claddagh, Trinity Knot and Tree of Life designs to choose from.

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