These celtic sterling silver earrings are designed from popular Irish symbolism that hold valuable meaning. Each piece tells a story that the wearer can be proud to tell each and every day. Discover more below…

Sterling Silver Earrings are an essential part of many women’s looks. We feel almost naked without them! Matching your earrings and necklace adds a level of sophistication to your look whether you’re in a formal dress or jeans. But picking the right ones is not as simple as liking the design and the price.

What you put into your pierced ears matters a lot. The malls are full of pretty, inexpensive earrings made of dubious metals. Sterling silver is a superior choice for earrings. Not only does it look fantastic, it is safe.

Some metals, particularly nickel, are known for causing a reaction in many people. But you can put on a pair of sterling silver Celtic earrings with confidence. Of course, every type of earring should be cleaned regularly, but you can protect your ears by choosing earrings made from the safest metals, such as sterling silver or gold.

Sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure silver. All of our sterling silver Celtic earrings are hallmarked in the Dublin Assay Office. The ‘925’ stamp assures you that the silver is pure enough to qualify as sterling.

It’s important to know which metal is used in the Celtic earrings you chose because many people want to wear them very often as a signature piece to celebrate their heritage. When you are picking out meaningful jewelry, understanding the Celtic symbols is essential, but so is choosing a metal your body won’t react to so you can enjoy wearing them often. Sterling silver Celtic earrings are hand made and hallmarked in Dublin, Ireland. Browse Claddagh, Trinity knot, Tree of Life and Celtic cross earrings to find what you need. You can also buy sterling silver earrings online from our website.

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