Gold Celtic necklaces take inspiration from Irish symbols such as the Claddagh, Trinity Knot, Tree of Life and many others. This collection of made pieces have been created to give that wow factor. All pendants come on a fine 18 inch yellow gold chain to match.

This collection of 14K gold Celtic jewelry designs such as Claddagh, Trinity Knot and Tree of Life necklaces are handmade in Dublin. Ireland has such a rich history of prehistoric celtic gold necklace jewelry that the National Museum of Archeology has a large, permanent exhibit of it. The pieces in this dazzling collection were made between 2200 and 500 BC, and they show how styles and jewelry making techniques evolved over centuries. They also prove that the Celtic love for irish gold necklace jewelry goes back to our earliest history.

Gold is a dream medium for intricate designs because not only is it gorgeous, but it is also malleable. Not all gold is equal, however. The reason 14k gold Celtic necklaces are so popular is that the gold ticks all the boxes. It’s beautiful, malleable enough for a jeweler to work with easily, and strong enough to withstand regular wear.

Inspired by Centuries of Celtic Art

Today’s 14k gold Celtic necklaces are inspired by the ancient pieces discovered around Ireland and housed in Dublin’s National Museum of Archeology. Our ancestors wore neck jewelry etched with repeating patterns, concentric circles and swirls. In time, they developed intricate knotwork designs.

Similar motifs grace the jewelry we wear today.

These enduring Celtic designs are powerfully primal. We feel a profound connection to them, as if they were in our genes. And the astonishing thing is that although our ancestors had no idea what DNA looked like, their art was often similar to the patterns modern scientists have observed in our
actual DNA.

So what could be more perfect than 14k gold Celtic necklace jewellery that combine traditional motifs with designs that are modeled on human DNA? It’s a stunning way to pay tribute to your roots.

All designs are delicately crafted and hallmarked in Dublin, Ireland.

Free Shipping available to USA, Canada and within Ireland.


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