If you are looking for the best sterling silver Celtic necklace to buy from Ireland. This piece of jewellery will celebrate your connection to your ancestors as well as complement every outfit you own and add the finishing touch to your look, you’ll want to consider a sterling silver Celtic necklace packed full of symbolism. Start browsing our stunning range of sterling silver Celtic jewelry with delivery in the USA and worldwide.

Sometimes, a symbol or piece of sterling silver Celtic necklace is so perfect you want to wear it every day. It makes a meaningful statement about who you are and what you consider important and beautiful.

Sterling silver is an ideal metal for jewellery because it is both gorgeous and durable. Pure silver is softer and more easily damaged, but sterling silver resists corrosion and water damage. Hallmarked ‘925’ because it is 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 per cent other metal, usually copper.

Understanding Celtic Symbols

Sterling silver Irish Celtic jewelry look stunning with blue jeans, ballgowns and everything in between. To find the perfect one for you, you need to understand the ancient symbols featured on this traditional Irish sterling silver jewelry.

Tree of Life – The druids revered trees, and this symbol represents the connections between all stages of life and different generations.

–  Ogham writing – The oldest form of Celtic writing, Ogham was carved into standing stones to commemorate special places.

Claddagh – This romantic design features a heart symbolizing love, hands for friendship and a crown for loyalty.

Trinity Knot – The Celts were very focused on the number three, and this symbol can represent any of the many trios that matter most to different people. Past, present and future. Youth, adulthood, old age. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Shamrock – St. Patrick used this plant’s triple leaves to explain the Holy Trinity and it’s now a beloved symbol of Ireland.

Which of these symbols would you love on a signature sterling silver Celtic necklace to wear every day?

Each and every piece is made and hallmarked in Dublin, Ireland as a mark of quality and purity.

Free shipping to USA, Canada as well as within Ireland.


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