Trinity knot jewelry celebrates this classic Celtic symbol of interweaving silver and gold. Hold the meaning of Past, Present & Future, it is a timeless sign of strength and reliance and inspired this range of pendants and earrings. View the collection and find the perfect gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the trinity knot?

    Celtic culture and artistry has many symbols of knots, one of them being the Trinity Knot. It is a figure of three arcs connected to each other – forming a continuing shape with no ends. Also known as the ‘Triquetra’, it is a symbol used extensively in jewelry designs, especially wedding rings and other romantic jewelry. It is used in several cultures, including Celtic, Greek and Buddhist traditions. Several meanings are attached to the Trinity Knot – symbolizing continuity and flow.

  • What does the trinity knot mean?

    The Trinity Knot is an ancient symbol used extensively in jewelry designs. There are many versions to what the ring means and represents. Some believe it represents the Holy Trinity of The Son, The Father and The Holy Ghost. Some believe it is a symbol of the interconnectedness of the past, present and future. Many people see it as a symbol of the connection between Humanity, Heaven and Hell. In any case, it is a strong symbol of interconnectedness and continuity and is a beacon of energy and healing.

  • What does the trinity knot represent?

    The Trinity Knot represents several things. It is a symbol of the continuity of the past, present and the future. It also symbolizes the Holy Trinity of The Son, The Father and The Holy Spirit. Many believe it symbolizes the boundlessness and infinite nature of love, making it a popular romantic symbol. It is a symbol of fluidity, connection and endless love. It is also a strong talisman of positive energies, faith and memories.

  • How trinity knot symbol is used in celtic jewelry?

    The Trinity Knot was used extensively in Celtic culture. It can be found in Ireland in the Book of Kells, along with in many excavated Celtic jewelry designs and art pieces. Celts used the knot in a variety of ways. It was a religious as well as romantic symbol. It was used to represent the eternity of life. Many also believe that the Celts exchanged Trinity Knots as a symbol of love, much like the modern-day wedding bands.

  • What is the symbol for the Trinity Knot?

    The Trinity Knot is a simple symbol with three interconnected arcs. It has no visible end and edges, which makes it a unique symbol of eternity and unity. The Knot can also be seen as two interwoven heart shapes, symbolizing endless love. It is representative of many varied concepts, including the eternity of life, love, the Holy Trinity, the three elements of air, water and fire, along with the trimesters of pregnancy and the mind, body and soul.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    We deliver our Trinity Knot products all over Canada and the United States, Australia and Europe, including Ireland. You can also get your jewelry delivered in other parts of the world at an extra $80 charge. Free shipping via USPS and AN Post takes about 14 days. Paid shipping via FedEx ($20 in USA and Canada) takes 2-4 days. You are notified about shipping costs for different locations when you add products to your cart. All our shipping practices ensure the safety of your product – which you will receive in pristine condition.

  • How Long does delivery take?

    We usually dispatch your orders within 2 working days after your confirmation. Shipping is done five days a week. Free delivery via USPS takes 12-14 days while paid delivery via FedEx takes 3-4 days. In Australia and New Zealand, delivery can take up to 21 days. However, we always try to get your products to you on time. You can use expedited delivery options available on our website for faster delivery. Exact delivery time depends on location and the service used.

  • Where are your products made?

    All our Trinity Knot jewelry is made in Ireland. We support local artists and ensure safe and protected working conditions. We are registered with the Assay Office of Ireland. We have been given the Hallmark of Ireland and the Mark of Fineness. Our jewelry is manufactured and hallmarked in Ireland. All our jewelry meets the highest standards of quality – metal and design. It reaches you only after meticulous inspection and examination.

  • Trinity Knot Earrings & Necklaces

    The Trinity knot symbol is ancient and powerful in Celtic traditions as seen in High Crosses as well as the Book of Kells and other art and crafts from the medieval times, hence it’s very popular for Trinity Knot Necklaces and Trinity Knot Earrings. The power of three has many interpretations in different cultures.

    Some believe that the Celtic trinity knot jewelry represents Christianity, in the form of The Father, The Son & The Holly Ghost while others believe that it represents The Past, The Present & The Future, all coexisting. Another widespread understanding is that it represents the union of two people becoming one. One thing is for certain, many people who wear it believe that it is a strong talisman to cherish their memories and beliefs.

    The Celtic DNA jewelry design which houses the Trinity Knot is derived from the scientific gene model which suspends the Celtic knot work and has a centrally mounted Trinity Knot which dangles and glistens in the light as it moves. This symbolism is meant to be the ultimate celebration of your Celtic roots and a reminder of your family and where you hail from. This coupled with the Irish Knot Jewelry which ensure you wear a constant and emblematic ode to your ancestry.

    Each design is available in rhodium plated sterling silver with a 14K yellow gold plated trinity as well as 14K yellow and white gold versions. All purchases come with a small folding story card which depicts the meaning behind the symbolism of each piece which makes for an extra special gift to yourself or a loved one.

    You can rest assured of the quality of our jewelry as every piece is brought to the Irish Assay Office upon completion for hallmarking. This is a highly regarded and standardized testing facility making sure each piece is of the finest purity and quality.

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