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Trinity Knot Earrings

Trinity Knot Earrings

Trinity knot earrings in gold as well as silver will brighten up each and every day. This timeless Celtic symbol of Past, Present & Future has endured thousands of years and will bring you joy and compliments each time you wear them.

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Celtic knot work has a deeply primal appeal that’s hard to explain. The patterns repeating to infinity are comforting as well as symbolic. Perhaps at a subconscious level, we recognize their similarity to the intricate spirals of our own DNA. And the art form itself has a fascinating history.

Those go-to trinity knot earrings are not a new design. The artistic tradition that inspired them began centuries ago, around 900 AD. It is known as insular art, and insular comes from the Latin word for island – ‘insulam’. Insular art thrived all over what is now Ireland and Great Britain for centuries.

Swirling lines, repeating patterns and knots without end are hallmarks of insular art. The Book of Kells is the most famous example, but our ancestors decorated standing stones, jewelry and other famous manuscripts with distinctive insular art patterns that have intrigued and delighted people for centuries. The La Tene stone in County Roscommon and the Ruthwell Cross in Ruthwell, Scotland show the form’s evolution from pagan to Christian art. The Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of
Durrow are the Book of Kell’s lesser-known cousins, examples of the devotion monks put into their work.

Today, insular art is mostly found in Celtic jewelry such as trinity knot earrings. Wearing these ancient designs nurtures a sense of connection to the ancient Celts of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It harkens back to those devoted monks living beautifully simple lives surrounded by the lush
countryside expressing their faith through art.



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