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Trinity Knot Necklaces

Trinity Knot Necklaces

Trinity knot necklaces are made in sterling silver as well as 14K yellow gold and are inspired by this timeless Irish symbol. Delicately crafted from the finest materials, you’ll enjoy wearing these pieces every day as well as on those special occasions.

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Of all the Celtic knots, the Trinity knot is probably the most widely recognized and loved. Also known as a Triquetra, its design is simple but captivating. One unbroken, unending line forms three interlacing loops. The Triquetra appears on artifacts dating back to the fourth century BC
throughout Europe and the near East. It became popular throughout Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The ancient Celts in Ireland worshipped a triple goddess, so the Trinity knot could represent her. They were also very aware of the stages of life and the interconnectedness of generations, which this knot also symbolizes. Once Christianity was introduced, the Trinity knot was used to represent the Holy Trinity. It appears in the Book of Kells. When you wear Trinity knot necklaces today, you decide what they mean to you.

Hexham Abbey, an English church close to the Scottish border that dates back to the year 678 AD, is home to a beautiful example of a Trinity knot. The abbey is famous for its ancient frith stool. This seat was used by bishops, and it was also a spot of refuge for anyone feeling persecution. The
Hexham Abbey frith stool is carved from a solid block of sandstone and features stunning Celtic knotwork designs, including Trinity knots.

Wearing Trinity knot necklaces today ties you a rich and fascinating history with the ancient Celtic lands at its heart. And you can decide which of its many interpretations means the most to you.



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