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Claddagh Jewelry

Claddagh Jewelry

The Claddagh ring meaning is a great story of Irish design through a historic tale. A Galway man called Richard Joyce was kidnapped by Moorish pirates around the year 1700 and learnt goldsmithing while being held captive. When he returned to Ireland, he was inspired to create a meaningful ring with the symbols of the Heart, Hands topped with a Crown, all representing, Love, Loyalty & Friendship. Browse the collection of lovingly made necklaces and earrings in silver and gold.

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About Our Irish Claddagh Jewelry

Many people enjoy the significant meaning of the Claddagh symbol by wearing Claddagh necklaces and Claddagh earrings. The components comprising of heart, crown and hands stand for Love, Loyalty and Friendship. Around the 17th Century, this type of design was popular around Europe and was referred to as a ‘Fede ring’. These rings were often made up of three separate rings which sit together to form the completed symbol. The word ‘fede’ comes from the Italian word meaning ‘hands joined together’ which is a lovely gesture for exchanging vows and you can see why it has been adopted for romantic jewelry designs.

The story behind this powerful symbol of love lies with a young from the 17th century who lived in a small village called Claddagh in County Galway. The story goes that a young silversmith called Richard Joyce was kidnapped and sold into slavery of goldsmiths based in the region of North Africa. He worked and trained there in jewelry for approximately 15 years before being freed and then returning to Ireland where is brought back the gold and silver crafting skills as well as creating the idea of the Claddagh ring we know and love today.

Traditionally there are several different ways of wearing the Claddagh ring, each different way can denote your relationship status. If wearing on your right hand, the heart facing out, then you’re looking for a relationship, if the heart is facing your wrist, you’re in a relationship. If worn on the left hand and the heart is face way from your wrist, this signifies that you’re engaged to be married. If the heart is facing in towards your wrist then this signifies that you’re married.

The Celtic DNA Jewelry design was created for people to celebrate their Celtic heritage and wear it with pride. The twisting double helix shape is crafted in the DNA structure and the Celtic knot work ties them together. You can choose to purchase this plain version or else I have also created Claddagh Necklaces and Claddagh Earrings with the Claddagh ring symbol to fuse the iconography of Celtic ancestry as well as the Love, Loyalty & Friendship aspect.

These days Claddagh rings are seen as a symbol of Irish identity or a memento that you’ve visited or have a love for Ireland and all things Irish. Many people often purchase Claddagh jewelry while visiting Ireland as a souvenir so that they can continue that connection. Many famous celebrities have been spotted wearing Claddagh rings over the years such as Walt Disney, Mel Gibson, Jennifer Anniston, John F. Kennedy & Julia Roberts among many others.

Hand made in Dublin, Ireland from sterling silver as well as 14K yellow and white gold, each design from Celtic DNA Jewelry is hall marked in the Irish Assay Office which is located in Dublin Castle, this is a highly regarded mark of purity and quality.

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