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Claddagh Necklaces

Claddagh Necklaces

Irish Claddagh necklaces are derived from the traditional Claddagh meaning of Love, Loyalty and friendship. The old Gaelic icon of romance inspired this range wrought in sterling silver as well as 14K gold. Discover your symbol of love and heritage…

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a Claddagh necklace mean?

    Claddagh necklaces symbolize Love, Loyalty and Friendship. A ring is formed with hands, a heart and a crown – it is a symbol of romance and longevity. They are representative of Ireland’s rich history and cultures. The Claddagh necklace is the perfect romantic gift for a loved one. The intertwined symbols represent eternity and faith in love.

  • How do you wear a Claddagh necklace?

    The Claddagh is a symbol of Love, Loyalty and Friendship. The interconnected hands, heart and crown symbolise romance, faith and eternity with a loved one. The Claddagh necklace is expertly crafted and features a contemporary design to match today’s style while still being rooted in old Irish culture and heritage. It is available in various designs including the Celtic DNA design as well as with Ogham script.

  • Who can wear claddagh necklace?

    The Claddagh necklace can be a way of showcasing your love and devotion to someone. Anyone who wishes to wear this symbol of love and loyalty can wear the Claddagh necklace. It can be worn as a representation of your Irish heritage or to revere your ancestors. The Claddagh necklace is a great jewelry option for anyone who finds the design unique and worthwhile.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    We transport Claddagh necklaces all over Canada and the United States, Australia and Europe, including Ireland. We have likewise stretched out our conveyance to the remainder of the world for a $80 charge. We offer free delivery by means of USPS and A Post which requires around 14 days. Paid transportation by means of FedEx ($20 in USA and Canada) requires 2-4 days. You are told about delivery costs for various areas when you add items to your truck. All our transportation practices guarantee the security of your item – which you will get in perfect condition.

  • How Long does delivery take?

    Delivery time depends on availability of your item. We more often than not dispatch your Claddagh necklace order 2 working days after your affirmation. Shipping is done five days a week. Conveyance time depends on area and the benefit utilized. Free conveyance by means of USPS takes 12-14 days whereas paid conveyance by means of FedEx takes 3-4 days. In Australia and New Zealand, conveyance can take up to 21 days. You can utilize assisted conveyance alternatives accessible on our site for speedier conveyance.

  • Where are your products made?

    All our adornments meets the most elevated guidelines of quality – metal and plan. It comes to you merely after fastidious assessment and examination. All Claddagh necklaces are made and manufactured in Dublin, Ireland. They are handcrafted by the expert proffessionals to ensure your recieve the best products only. We value your business and make sure you get your orders on time.

  • A Different Way to Wear this Beautiful Design

    Richard Joyce designed the iconic Claddagh motif as a ring for his beloved. He was in servitude in Algeria while she was back home in the Claddagh village in County Galway. The heart representing love is held in two hands symbolizing friendship with a crown for loyalty above it. Joyce presented
    the ring upon his return, and the reunited couple wed. Claddagh rings became popular in Galway as wedding rings, engagement rings and friendship rings. Visitors bought them too, and today they are
    loved around the world.

    But what if you love the design, but don’t want it on a ring? It also makes a stunning pendant. A Irish Claddagh necklace is perfect if you aren’t a fan of rings or your fingers are already full. Perhaps you don’t want to confuse anyone about the symbolism of a ring. If you want to give the woman you love a meaningful gift without any misunderstandings about whether or not you are proposing, a Claddagh pendant is ideal.

    While a celtic Claddagh necklace looks gorgeous with a Claddagh ring, it also dazzles on its own. It can celebrate a particular relationship or your deep connection with Ireland, particularly County Galway. It is also a wonderful gift, rich in meaning. Anyone with a love of Irish culture can wear it with pride.

    Combined with a setting inspired by the intricacies of DNA helixes, it celebrates the wearer’s Irish roots and heritage.



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