Celtic, Ogham & Claddagh Necklaces

Celtic, Ogham & Claddagh Necklaces

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Ireland has a long tradition of making beautiful jewelry. From the bronze age and before, the Celts were fashioning metals for tools and also adornment. We have seen ancient artifacts found all over Ireland and Scotland which were made in silver and gold and some even studded with semi precious and non precious stones.

In the Medieval era, opulent, ornate and detailed pieces such as the Cross of Durrow and Ardagh Chalice were created. These pieces are decorated with details scenes, animals and ornamentation in very fine detail.

These crafts have been passed down for many generations and have inspired many styles by today’s Irish jewelry designers who have retained the great hand skills and unique design flair we see around us.

I created the Celtic DNA necklaces so that people can wear and pay homage to their Celtic ancestors. Crafted in sterling silver and 14K gold featuring DNA designs with Claddagh ring, Trinity Knot jewelry and Tree of Life jewelry so that you can wear your heritage wherever you go.

All pieces of jewelry are hallmarked by the highly regarded Irish Assay Office to prove the finest quality and purity.

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