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Shamrock Earrings

Shamrock Earrings

I doubt that there is a more Irish symbol than the Shamrock and it has inspired many Irish jewelry designers as well as artists in other disciplines. The plant is simple and elegant and has stood as an icon of Ireland across the globe. Discover your favorite pair of Shamrock earrings below in silver or gold.

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A pair of gold or silver shamrock earrings is a perfect good luck charm. You can pop them on any day you want to boost to your luck – a job interview, a first date or any day you want a bit of extra charm on your side. But why is shamrock considered lucky?

There are two reasons. First, long before St. Patrick used the shamrock to show the Irish pagans how the Holy Trinity was one God, the Celts considered the number three very special. They worshipped a triple goddess who was maiden, mother and crone. Their art reflects their preoccupation with three. Triple spirals and trinity knots are two examples.

You’ve heard of ‘the luck of the Irish’. The shamrock, as a widely known symbol of Ireland, represents that luck. Actually, the phrase is more complicated than just saying the Irish are mysteriously fortunate. Irish history is a long litany of extremely bad luck. But those who escaped
the famine and made it safely to the United States arrived in time for the California Gold Rush of 1848. Tough, hardworking and charming, those Irish immigrants found a lot more gold than the average American miner, earning themselves a reputation for good luck.

Jewelry can be a beautiful symbol of our connection to our ancestors, culture, passions and beliefs. Wearing just the right piece can ground us in confidence. Putting on those shamrock earrings reminds you of your personal connections to Ireland and its culture of good humor and resiliency.



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