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Shamrock Necklaces

Shamrock Necklaces

Browse this stunning collection of ladies and men’s sterling silver and 14K yellow gold shamrock pendants and necklaces, a true icon of Ireland to enhance any look.

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Ireland has many symbols. Government documents feature a harp. Many beautiful designs such as the Claddagh, Tree of Life and Trinity Knot immediately remind people of the Emerald Isle. But the single most recognizable symbol of Ireland is the simple shamrock. Ever since St. Patrick used it to explain the Christian holy trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, it has been linked to Ireland.

If you are looking for a statement piece of jewelry to proclaim your connection to Ireland, a silver or gold shamrock necklace is perfect. It requires no explanation. Immediately, people know that it represents this rugged green little island. A shamrock is shorthand for those famous forty shades of green, the saints and scholars and the cozy pub where friends new and old raise a pint and share a song.

Everyone’s Irish for a day in March, but some of us are lucky enough to be Irish 365 days a year. Does your love of Ireland flow through your veins? Is it in your very DNA? A shamrock necklace with Ireland’s most beloved symbol set in a replica of the twisting double helix of DNA is the perfect piece to celebrate your deep connections to Ireland.

The right necklace can be your signature piece of jewelry, the one that your friends admire and your daughters want to borrow for special occasions. A signature necklace makes a personal statement about who you are and what you love.



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