Celtic Tree of Life earrings made in silver and also gold offer beautiful designs made by hand in Ireland. Inspired by this classic and timeless icon, you’ll find the perfect gift for yourself or that someone special.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you deliver to?

    We deliver throughout Canada and the United States, Australia and Europe, along with Ireland. We have additionally extended our services to other areas for an $80 charge. We provide delivery through USPS and AN Post which takes approximately 14 days. Paid delivery through FedEx ($20 in USA and Canada) takes 2-4 days. You are notified of exact delivery charges for varied places and your specific order on our website. All our delivery practices make sure of the protection of your product – which you’ll get hold of in pristine condition.

  • How Long does delivery take?

    Delivery time depends on availability of your product. We usually dispatch your orders within 2 working days after your confirmation. Delivery time relies upon on region and the provider used. You can make use of expedited shipping alternatives from our site for quicker shipping. Free shipping through USPS takes 12-14 days at the same time as paid shipping through FedEx takes 3-four days. In Australia and New Zealand, shipping can take in to 21 days.

  • Where are your products made?

    Ireland is our centre of production. All jewelry is made and manufactured in Dublin, Ireland. By ordering from us, you are supporting local production and local artisans and workers. We are registered with the Assay Office of Ireland and have received the Hallmark of Ireland. Our products have the greatest quality of metal as well as design.

  • The tree of life is an ancient symbol as complex as a forest ecosystem. While different civilizations have used trees to symbolize life, the Celtic tree of life is particularly compelling.

    It’s branches and roots reach toward each other forming a circle around the trunk. To the Celtic peoples, circles represented eternity and wholeness, as well as the sun sometimes.

    A pair of tree of life earrings offer many layers of meaning. They speak of your devotion to your Irish roots. Trees have multiple parts that grow from each other, so they are used to represent generations. The tree of life symbolizes continuing generations of a family as well as the stages of life
    we pass through – maiden, mother and crone. These stunning Irish earrings say your roots are close to your heart.

    Trees also represent nature. They are the lungs of the planet. A tree is life, and a pair of tree of life earrings symbolize your awareness that our natural resources are precious. Soil, plant and sun together in this motif remind us to value our own personal health and wellness as well as that of the
    planet and our communities.

    The tree of life isn’t a specific species of tree. Instead, it stands for all trees – indeed for all of nature, the source of all life. The ancient people of Ireland lived in harmony with nature, astutely observing its rhythms. This powerful symbol reminds us that our wellness is linked to our environment.


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